marker king

i’m the marker king at my school.

i have the most markers of all my classmates. actually i have ALL the markers of my classmates.

i sell crayon shavings for markers. green is the color of money so they are worth the most.

i almost got my dad to buy me more crayons at the store but mom said no.

all the kids in my class like my crayon shavings and i like their markers too.


the sky

the sky is blue its sometimes cloudy its butafal

rain falls fromeit

some people think it killd the dinasars



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I have lots of friends.  My friends names are Brayden, Jet, Tyler and Ralph. The crab Ralph.  I play with Brayden the most, we like games of war. I play video games with Jet and outside with Tyler.

I feed Ralph a lot. I spend lots of time with my friends but of course I play with Ralph the most.  He got really big.

Wrapping Paper

Christmas was great. But it is always great. This was my sixth one, and my best. I saw everyone in my family in one day!

I really liked sitting under the tree and looking up. You can see all the price tags on the ornaments.

I have a funny joke for you. Next year for Christmas if you know someone named Mary do this. Walk up to her and say “MARY!” and what she says “What?” say “Christmas!”.  My aunt Mary fell for it so many times!

How to send a note to Santa


You will need long strips of paper, get out a pen or pencil. You then can start writing what you want for Christmas.

You should maybe ask for about 5 things. Not like 600 things, because Santa would be too busy.

You should ask for things you want, things you need and things for other people.

When your done put in an envelope and stamp on it.

The Address is

1 Northpole, Northpole

After you send it Santa will get it and check it and you may get some of it.

picture-660Feliz Navidad

My Fans are good

Thank you for all your questions and stories. I like to read them. Some make me laugh really hard. And I like your stories a lot.

I want to have 6 cagillion people google me every day. Then I would be more famous than the president.


Well Ralph is a red clawed crab. I feed him a lot. He is a great animal. His tank is full of blue rocks so he can climb up on them and get out of the water.

He is pretty cool. If he could talk he would say, “Feed me some food Weston”.